Generate Genius Challenge

7 videos in 7 days! Challenge yourself and generate the genius in YOU

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Generate Genius Challenge

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The Challenge:

  • 7 days to reveal the genius that’s inside you
  • 7 videos to guide you on beginning to uncover it

I have a passion to walk alongside people to uncover the genius, the flame, the gem, the wisdom everyone has within them.

This is a great beginning for people to see, feel, know it's there.

My intentions for this challenge are that you will:

  • begin to know yourself a little bit better
  • feel the glimmer of genius inside you that’s been there all along
  • sort through and identify what matters to you most from the trivial

You’ve taken the first steps by letting Life know you’re looking for more

When living with the same patterns and outcomes doesn’t feel right any longer

You know there’s more to you than you’ve shown others

Stressors in relation to work, friends, loved ones, co-workers, finances may have kept you feeling like you're in a confined box. And whether you’re ready to burst out or just lightly peek through one of the flaps, you’re in the right place.

So join me in The Generate Genius Challenge now 

Join the many people who have taken the

Generate Genius Challenge

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What's Included:

Day 1: What is it?                      • Explore a new frame to perceive what genius is

Day 2: Thoughts                       • Look at what is really going on in your head

Day 3: Beliefs                            • Examine your beliefs and how we choose them

Day 4: Main Activity Part 1     • A creative way to symbolically release what's not 

                                                      serving you

Day 5: Intuition/Trust              • Learning to access information and guidance 

                                                      around you

Day 6: Dreams                          • Raising your energy to establish what you desire

Day 7: Main Activity Part 2      • A creative way to symbolically incorporate your 


*Also included is a private Facebook Group where I enjoy interacting to deepen your experience and understanding.

Lucy Crisetig-Cosentino
Lucy Crisetig-Cosentino
Creative Mindfulness Consultant

About the instructor

I have a background in art, graphic design and writing which have all led me to my training in Creative Mindfulness Consulting.

With my skills, knowledge and experience, I am thrilled to be able to guide people to reacquaint themselves with who they truly are, teaching them the skills I've learned.

I have a passion for teaching others to live an empowered life. One that doesn't let insecurities dictate their lives. One that allows the strength of their highly sensitive nature to blossom.

My book, "Finding Sofia", is a fiction story of self-empowerment for middle graders incorporating many of these same skills in the story.

When people can live genuinely, free of stressful thoughts and emotions, they're able to explore and expand the possibilities open to them that seemed invisible before.

What others have been saying:

"I am loving this course, thank you." T.S.

"Lucy I loved todays message and lesson! I really felt connected to you and it felt like you were right in my kitchen with me while listening to you and doing the breathing techniques, which I really benefited from and actually felt the heat in my heart, I was surprised!" R.C.

"I am grateful you were sent to my life, this IS exactly what I needed and asked the Universe for! You are a blessing and my Angel! Namaste" C.B.

"Fun & expanding - great at thought provoking." D.F.

Join the many people who have taken the

Generate Genius Challenge

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