Join me for this exciting creative experience and together let's Generate Your Inner Genius

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Feeling contained, trained to stay-in-the-box and keep between the lines?

As if some invisible force is keeping you from being all you can be?

Are you pushing aside your needs to fit into a culture designed to keep you feeling small?

You've heard it all before: 

Don’t be too different. Be as normal as possible.

After all, making waves is more trouble than it’s worth, right?

Let me ask you though…

  • Are negative thoughts invading the peace you’re craving?
  • Has your self worth suffered?
  • When was the last time you played?
  • Have your dreams and wishes faded away? 

I didn’t come here to live a mediocre life and I’m pretty sure you didn’t either

It’s time to take down the walls of that box and reveal more of the "you" than you've allowed people to see in the past

You have a spark inside you waiting to shine, dreams to explore that are important to you, an inner child longing to come out and play.

It’s time to trust yourself by:

  1. Doing the uncommon
  2. Being authentic
  3. Stretching your imagination

This 3 week online course can guide you to doing just that!

Generate Your Inner Genius will help you use your inborn and limitless resources to achieve your goals, hopes, and dreams - personally and spiritually.

A 21 day revolutionary course to support you in:

  • Unpacking your unconscious beliefs that are sabotaging your results
  • Discovering how to trust your inner life so you feel more authentic in your outer life
  • Shining a light on your values so you can rely on your inner guide
  • Tuning in to your deepest desires so your life vision is alive and energized
  • Connecting to the genius within you - the one you know is ready to emerge with courage and strength
  • BONUS: Receive 1 consulting session with me at a point in the course that you choose

Expand and deepen your relationship with your Self so you can enrich your relationship with the world around you

For less than the price of a latte a day, you could have

a life-changing experience.

Reveal new chapters in your life:

Chapter 1: 

• What your Genius is so you can access it with laser focus

• Be comfortable "being uncomfortable" so you can manage change more easily

• Express your genius so you can shine and revel in your natural strengths

Chapter 2:

• Reignite your creativity to bring play back into your life

• Discover how thoughts have power so you can monitor your mind's negative chatter

• Explore your thoughts, feelings and beliefs and how they affect your experiences

Chapter 3: 

• Reveal where your beliefs really come from so you can be more genuine in your relationships

• Rediscover your values so you can deepen your understanding of your authentic Self

• Voice your deepest desires and build a meaningful relationship with your Self

We will create a safe and supportive space in our private Facebook group  exclusively for students in this course. There we will post our activities, reflections and encouragement for each other.

Knowing yourself on a deeper level, gives you the confidence to voice your feelings from an authentic place inside.

Making decisions will be easier because you'll trust the signals your body is giving you.

Your confidence will be boosted as a result of doing things outside of what's considered "normal".

For less than the price of a latte a day, you could have a 

life-changing experience.

Join me for this exciting creative experience and together let's Generate Your Inner Genius

Have Lifetime Access

Meet Your Instructor

Creative Mindfulness Consultant

Lucy Crisetig-Cosentino

I have a background in art, graphic design and writing which have all led me to my training in Creative Mindfulness Coaching.Through my coaching business, I am thrilled to be able to guide people to reacquaint themselves with who they truly are, teaching them the skills I've learned.I have a passion for teaching others to live an empowered life. One that doesn't let insecurities dictate their lives. One that allows the strength of their highly sensitive nature to blossom.My book "Finding Sofia" is a fiction story of self-empowerment for middle graders.When people can live genuinely they're freer to explore and expand the possibilities open to them that seemed invisible before.

What Are People Saying?

"I am loving this course, thank you." Tracey S.

"Lucy I loved today's message and lesson! I really felt connected to you and felt like you were right in my kitchen with me while listening to you and doing the breathing techniques, which I really benefited from and actually felt the heat in my heart, I was surprised!" R. C. 

I am grateful you were sent into my life, this IS exactly what I needed and asked the Universe for! You are a blessing and an angel! Namaste" C. B.

"Fun and expanding - great at thought provoking." Denise F.

Expand and deepen your relationship with your Self, so you can enrich your relationship with the world around you

Have lifetime access to Generate Your Inner Genius